To your health?

5 November 2009

Thanks to all those who read my blog so far. According to WordPress stats, Pure Gibberish is the most read blog on all WordPress! (Started in November, by people named Neil, who live in Atlanta and are less than 5’8″.) Even members of the media including the Cox Communications, CBS Radio and Cumulus Media Inc are impressed. Note to Steve Rickman, the reason people will read your t-shirt is you have 485 captive folks and your shirt reads “Henry Country Department of Corrections.” But I digress.

Today is my nephew Nathan’s birthday, he’s 16! His mother says he’s lucky to have made 16.

Today’s topic is Health Care and the Public Option


Above you see Sen. Joe Lieberman, Lieberman ran for president in 2004 and after the New Hampshire primary stated, “We are in a three-way split decision for third place.” I am not making that up, those are his words.

Sen. Droopy (I) Conn, has decided he is against the public option. On “Face the Nation” Droopy stated that the “public option is not necessary.” What is necessary? Droopy voting to bailout the banks. He is one of the 10 favorites of the banking industry. According to, his total donations from the Finance Industry are $7,878,838. Since 2003, Lieberman collected large sums from some of the biggest losers of the financial crisis: $154,650 from employees of Lehman Brothers, $103,260 from Bear Stearns’ and $91,450 from Citigroup.

Now why would Droopy not want to a public option, I can think of 3,593,771 reasons. That’s how much money he has taken from the health care lobby since becoming a senator in 1989. That’s $504 per day, every day he has been a senator.

Lastly, his wife, Hadassah, is employed as a “senior counselor” to Hill & Knowlton, one of the world’s biggest lobbying firms, in its “health and pharmaceuticals practice.”

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, Connecticutians favor the public option 64-31. In a recent CNN survey, 61 percent said they favored a public option. A Wall Street Journal poll states 72% think the public option is important. We all know polls have a well-known liberal bias. Just ask the last president who saw the glass as 30% full and not 70% “we fucking hate you!”

The term “public option” gets bandied about quite a bit I decided to investigate this.

The word “Public” is a Middle English derived from the Latin publicus. It means “of, relating to, or affecting all the people or the whole area of a nation or state. Like public transportation, which means everyone can ride, providing they pay or a public school, which means anyone can attend. Except in England where public school is in all actuality a private school. Why do the English have to mess up our language, it’s not as if they invented it.

The word “Option” dates back to the 15th century and is defined as containing or constituting a command: obligatory.

Thus public option literally translates to everyone must have government backed health insurance or you will be thrown in Gitmo guarded by Lynndie England.

Sen. Droopy doesn’t want that, nor does his wife, their lobbyist friends and the $3.5 mil he has been given in kind all these years. He thinks it’s unnecessary for the 47 million without health insurance to have a chance to get some. I wonder if all 47 million gave Joe a dollar, hell, if they gave him 50-cents, he would wind up with $23 mil, which would offset the health care and banking lobby.

“But Neil, the public option is Socialism and we can’t have any socialism in America.” By Jove, you are right! I forgot about that. Socialism in this sense amounts to being taxed for services you may not use. I can’t remember the last time I used National Security, the Marines, the Army, the Coast Guard, the police or the Fire Department. Judging by some of the kids I have met, the tax money I am paying isn’t helping them learn anything, my nephew Nathan excluded.

Maybe taxes should be selective. You should be able to decide where your money should go, that way you don’t have to see it wasted. Perhaps we could pay more taxes to make sure some don’t get services at all (I want to pay a little more so my old neighbors house doesn’t have the Fire Department come in case there is a fire, not that I would start it or anything, but accidents happen.)

I don’t understand how as a nation we will open our hearts and wallets to every country in the world when they have a national disaster, yet as Americans there are those who don’t want universal health care because they don’t want to help out those who need help. 47 million without insurance is a national disaster.

Agree? Disagree? Want to meet me by the bike rack at 3:30? Let me know, your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower!


2 Responses to “To your health?”

  1. Pete Deubler Says:

    Here’s my issue. Spend, spend, spend. I am not saying deny people health care, but when has giving the government more of my money actually resulted in goods and services that are better than the private sector. You can sure as hell bet health won’t be.

  2. Public Option Says:

    I wonder if everyone who says they want the public option actually anything about it, how it might put other insurance companies out of business, etc.
    Then you’re left with only the public option which turns into government medicine. There ha got to be a better way.

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