It’s not just a number

10 November 2009

It’s official, at 1:44am today, I moved closer to 50-years-old than 40. I am 45½ today. I am well into the penultimate lap of my life. People in stores call me sir. In a few years, I will be eligible for an AARP card.

I know others have grown old gracefully but I can’t!

It is a fact I can’t change, the numbers are getting larger. I realize that certain things that will never happen; my old school naming me distinguished alumni, a four-hour marathon, marriage, kids and the Cubs winning the World Series.

My high school and I had such a tumultuous relationships I doubt they want me to get any award, even if I gave them a large bag filled with unmarked, non-sequential bills.

Running has been a joy for me but a struggle as I have battled more injuries than a blind man working a printing press.

I never wanted to get married; I never saw the appeal in it. In addition, I am noticing that my once happily married friends are starting to get divorced.

Kids had even less appeal to me. They are sniveling, little rug rats who are responsible for 98% of the poop in the world. With that said, I have seven nieces and three nephews whom I spoil them rotten much to their parent’s dismay.

As for the Cubs, I have seen no sign that they are any closer to that goal then they were when I was born. For the record, they went 76-86 in 1964 and 35 days after I was born, they made the worst trade in baseball history (future Hall of famer Lou Brock for pitcher Ernie Broglio).

Besides the age continuing to increase, I have noticed other things that are going up; my run and swim times. I will no longer break 53:00 for a 10K. Soon I will not be able to run in Group 1B at the Peachtree Road Race. I may have to join the rest of them! I used to be able to swim a mile routinely under 29:00, now it is cause for celebration when I break 29:00. Although, a few weeks ago, I did a mile in 28:20. Greatness is still attainable but it’s not the norm.

I am getting aches and pains that I never had. I am sure most of this is due to running. The body was not meant to run as far as most runners. It’s also taking me longer to heal. If my life were NASCAR, I would be under a yellow more often than not.

Music has changed. The angry young men I have always listened to are now crusty old veterans or sage elders. The last CD of a new music I bought was the soundtrack to the movie “Once.” (Music will be another topic later.)

If only there a way to pick an age and stay that way. I see little downside to Dorian Gray.

I appreciate you reading this. I especially value those who leave comments.


3 Responses to “It’s not just a number”

  1. Pete Deubler Says:

    Good blog my friend. Ay 44 I can appreciate your thoughts!

  2. Nancy Says:

    You’d really want to pick an age and stay that way? What age would that be?

  3. GRcowboy Says:

    It’s a real downer the first time you go into McDonalds and order coffee, and as they ring it up the kid behind the counter says “One SERNIOR coffee will be…..” without you asking for it.

    And Sinatra’s “It was a very good year” can bring either a tear or a smile, depending on how your day is going.

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