Inter Faith Relationships

14 November 2009

Yesterday I got some distressing news, an old and dear friend called me to say she started dating a guy. I will call this person “Casey”

Great I said, tell me about him.

She told me the usual stuff, how they met, what he does, how he’s a nice guy etc. Then she dropped the bomb.  The one thing that can’t be overlooked.

In the past Casey had dated a guy who liked Todd Rundgren, I was on-board for that. Obviously, he has culture and taste. I told her, this guy is a keeper. He ended it, though I told her to get him back but she said no.

I have always felt that at the core of every relationship, in order for it to work, there has to be that one common thing that is the basis for the relationship. If there are problems at the very least you can talk about that one common bond and get back on track. Sad to say, Casey will not have this with her new friend.

Casey, like many others, and myself worship at the same place. It is an old, established place. In fact, it is the second oldest such place in the country. The “religion” of ours has withstood wars, severe droughts, decades of wandering in the desert and curses. We have been close enough to see the land of milk and honey, only to have it fall away, like a ball falling from a ledge. This new guy believes in something completely different from what we were brought up believing.

Her new friend is…how can I say it? He’s a Mets fan!

I had to admonish her for 45 minutes.

“A fucking Mets fan? Have you no shame?” I told her. “What about 1969? Ron Santo still can’t get over that.”

My earliest childhood memory is watching the ’69 Cubs with my maternal grandfather, I was five and it is the only memory I have of him. He died not soon after that season. I couldn’t blame him, especially after what happened.

The story is well known and extremely painful to recount, but I will give the uninitiated the highs and lows.

1969 cubs

In mid-August, the 1969 Cubs, which included Hall of Famers: Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins, and perennial All-Star, team leader and the heart of the Cubs, Ron Santo, had a nine-game lead over the Mets. Santo used to do a heel-click every time the Cubs won. He did it a lot.


The Mets, only eight-years-old, had been a doormat here-to-fore (yes, I looked up that word.) On September 2, the lead was five games but the Cubs record was 84-52.

What happened next is the worst thing imaginable, the Cubs went on to lose 17 of the remaining 25 games, while the upstart Miracle Mets went 23-7. The harbinger of the downfall was September 9, the Cubs were playing at Shea Stadium and someone through a black cat on the field, and it ran to the on deck circle right in front of Santo.

Rooting for the Mets is about the worst thing a human being can do. Though I have little actual proof, I am about 100% certain that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst of Montreal and Tomás de Torquemada are Mets fans. Until they come out and say otherwise, they are friends of Mr. Met.

I can’t stress to Casey enough that a Cubs fan and a Mets fan cannot co-exist, at all.  I want to her be happy, especially for her kids, all Cubs fans, but there is no way for this to work out well.

Still it could be worse I guess, he could be a Cards fan. That’s a deal breaker ladies!

I have started posting links to websites I frequent; please patronize them. I will be adding more. In addition, if you have a blog, go ahead and link mine, I don’t mind, unless it’s some right-wing, conservative, tea-bagger website or NAMBLA. Lastly, if you want me to link your website/blog I would be happy to, just let me know.


One Response to “Inter Faith Relationships”

  1. Nancy Says:

    How do you know Casey is truly a Cubs fan? Maybe she really doesn’t care?

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