It’s a Hanukkah Miracle Bigger than the Oil Lasting Eight Days

18 December 2009

Several legitimate news outlets are reporting that the Cubs have traded (insert adjective here) OF Milton Bradley to the Seattle Mariners for (insert adjective here) P Carlos Silva. This brings to end the 343-day tenure of Milton Bradley as a Cub. Perhaps one of the worst of all-time.

Bradley has been with seven teams in his 10-year career and six teams in the past five years. His departure from each club brought much rejoicing from each team’s fans.

Bradley’s start with the Cubs was troubled. GM Jim Hendry traded beloved 2B/3B/1B/RF/LF Mark DeRosa and 11-game winner P Jason Marquis in a salary dump to sign the overpriced Bradley. In a pre-season interview, he admitted he was a sensitive to criticism from fans and media alike. Apparently, in his mind, we were not to cause him to be overly emotional or he would be psychologically unstable. Cub fans and media, he felt, were putting too much pressure on him. I guess he had a point; after all, it had only been 101 years since we won a World Series and he was being paid $10 million this year to make that happen.

Bradley started the slowly and then bumped an umpire, causing him to receive the more than fair two-game suspension, About this time he had a closed door meeting with Hendry encourage him to have better relations with media. This had a positive effect as Bradley soon stated, “I don’t particularly like the media, and the media doesn’t like me. So let’s not pretend we’re buddies or you’re trying to do anything for me. If anything you hurt me more than help. So I don’t see any benefit of really talking to the media. That’s just how I feel. That’s how I’ve always felt.”

Meanwhile Bradley was hitting less than my weight; which is particularly bad since I weigh about 145.

June was when the true Bradley started to come out, the one the Cubs shelled out all that money for in hopes of making all my dreams finally come true. I got my first look at MB when the Cubs came to Atlanta to play in Wrigley Field South. Bradley was greeted with massive boos. The few Brave fans at the games weren’t happy to see him either. A few days later, Bradley made the biggest on-field blunder of the season. On June 13, Bradley caught a routine fly-out in left field and then threw the ball into the stands as a souvenir for some fan. All well and good but the ball he threw into the stands was out number two. As a result, the runners were allowed to advance two bases each. At the end of the month, Bradley and manager Lou Piniella got into a heated conversation and had to be separated. Lou told MB to go home. After the game Lou addressed the media saying, “This has been a common occurrence and I’ve looked the other way a lot and I’m tired… I’m not into discipline, I’m really not. I’m going to put his name in the lineup tomorrow and that’s it.”

After the incident, Bradley started to hit a little. He was no Jake Fox, a minor leaguer we brought up who was killing the ball in AAA and had a respectable half-season, but at least he was starting to produce.

In August, Bradley claimed that the fans were hurling racial insults at him. He even blamed waiters at restaurants for talking about him. His relationship with the team, fans and media was worsening. Lou moved him up to 2nd in the order and he was hitting at a good clip.

On September 19, with the Cubs way out of it Bradley shot his mouth off again stating; “And you understand why they haven’t won in 100 years here, because it’s negative.”

Hendry finally did his Popeye imitation and said, “That’s all I can stand, I can’t stands no more” and suspended Bradley for the remainder of the season for conduct detrimental to the team. After the suspension, the Cubs went on a wining streak.

As Harry would say, here are the unhappy totals on Milton Bradley’s Cub career: .257 batting average, 12 home runs, 40 RBI, .378 OBP. He was below his career stats in every category, except boorishness, which he exceeded every expectation.


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  1. Susan Kathleen Says:

    Very dry, but when you HAVE to come up with something to write about…

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