Where Have I Been?

19 September 2010

A fair question to be sure. It seems like last year I wrote in this thing. Have I given up? Have I lost my voice? Did I forget my password? Was I running the campaign for Christine O’Donnell? Did Raoul Duke Jr. finally vivisect you with an oyster shucker? The answer to all of those questions is an emphatic NO! In fact, I haven’t heard from Duke since a call at 3:00 am on August 23, 2010 telling me that he was right about Lou Pinella.

To tell the truth, I am having difficulties with the rigors of working a retail job, looking for a new job, running, keeping up with reading, trying to keep my DVR recording even though I have 5 hours available, wasting time on Facebook,






(Okay, I am back. In case you care, Mark Chickering rode his bike 10 miles then went running for five.), maintaining a clean domicile and writing. No wonder all the good writers are fall-down drunks. Maybe I should start up, who knows I may win a Pulitzer sooner than Fitzgerald did.

In addition, I had some horrid computer issues. Suffice to say that the graphics chip went bad which means a new computer is in my future. Then the High Holidays came upon me and set me back.

The Jewish New Year is a karmic wiping the slate clean. This means I can start anew in writing. That’s what I am going to do. Write every day, probably after running when all the endorphins are flowing.

Recently, I had two people whom I respect critique my blog. They gave me their honest thoughts on it. The conclusion was that I need to edit more. I can edit other peoples work, and have been paid to do so, but edit mine? There’s the rub. Can I honestly look at my work and say, “no, that is complete bollocks?” Can I edit something out for the sake of making a stronger point? Does editing myself go against the core principles of “Pure Gibberish”? We will soon find out. I think I am like everyone in that anything I create, is a masterpiece that is worthy of no less than a Nobel.

Believe it or not, I have six blog pieces that are hermetically sealed inside a mayonnaise jar underneath Funk & Wagnalls’ porch. They are almost finished but I can’t end them. I sometimes feel my writing is like a Monty Python sketch. I always find new points I want to insert.

My first priority will be to edit them down from the massive opuses they are into something more digestible. One is over 2,000 words another is 2,500 and climbing.

Thank you for reading my blog these past few months. Sometimes I consider it mental masturbation but it is cheaper than a therapist.


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